BTG180 ReviewsReviewing The BTG180 Business: From Inside Out

A review can have many meanings.  In the military, it can mean an inspection.  For a product, publication, performance, or even a company, etc. it can mean a critical evaluation. Sometimes, as with movies, there is a rating system devised, to show relative merit, such as stars. Well, for purposes of discussing the newly re-vamped, newly re-launched BTG180, transformed from its previous incarnation as “Bids That Give.” we will provide as much objective and subjective information as we can at this time. As the program advances, we will add additional notes or details to give clarification.

What’s It All About?

BTG180, What is it about?BTG180 might be considered an unusual business opportunity because it has the capability of enhancing the individual affiliates income, lifestyle, and future stability, while also serving to make a difference in helping to solve some serious social issues worldwide.

The difference is in the mission to help orphaned and underprivileged kids. This is a very strong incentive for many people. And even if others are not as concerned with social issues, their actions will have the effect of helping anyway.

Then there is also the fun and excitement of the entertainment shopping in the form of the premier product, the online Penny Auctions, where every bid does indeed help a kid.  Penny Auctions have become very popular world wide.  With the new improvements there are very practical ways in which the winnings of the products can be acquired in countries across the globe.

A U-Turn, or a 180 Turnaround For “Bids That Give”

BTG180 TurnaroundThere was a major turnaround after about a year when a name change ushered in a revision and enhancements to the  basic compensation plan, adjustments to qualifications, and technical improvements and revisions to the website. The top affiliate in the program, J.R. Reed flew in from his residence in Thailand and worked with the Founder, Randy Jeffers and the BTG180 staff to implement these changes.

This process lasted several weeks. During this time several major network marketers met with the principals in Las Vegas, and were thoroughly introduced to the newly revised program and the long term vision. As a result, many major direct marketers have joined the program, individuals who have built large organizations in previous companies.

This has been a transition period, changing and implementing the revised qualifiers, holding back on payments until the new changes are all implemented.  

How Does The U Turn Help YOU And All Affiliates?

BTG180 time outFirst of all, the changes required a kind of time out.  The company had to revise plans in mid-stream, causing operations to stop for several months, while systems were updated, programming was performed, and a huge series of changes were implemented. In this case, the U turn, can really help YOU, the future affiliate. Now there is a much stronger long term vision, to accompany the original mission.

There is a newly revised lead program associated with BTG180 developed by a leading associate with a long history in internet marketing. This will facilitate your marketing efforts, provide a professional funnel and information source so that you can easily direct your prospects through an efficient system.

All of these changes will help you manage your business with an online internet presence, taking advantage of the technologies and systems which can streamline and partially automate your business.

A Real Financial Turnaround For YOU!

Financial U-TurnOkay, your dollars don’t usually do a U-TURN for you! But the old “Bids That Give” dollars have given away to the new BIZ BUX in the BTG180 business. 

This exciting transformation is one that even our original founder of the country, “George” would approve of.  The “Business In A Box” has also taken on new aspects, which makes everyone’s original  “box” purchase even more lucrative for the long term.

With new Bonus factors added to the financial equation, the long term benefits will be seen to enrich the program. This may sound mysterious now, at the onset, but all will be revealed in good time as BTG180 rebounds.

Stay tuned for updates, as all new programs and refinements are implemented.

What Is This? — The BTG180 Phoenix Rising?

Phoenix bird silhouette re-birthIn Egyptian mythology, of course, there was a bird that lived in the desert for 500 years and then consumed itself by fire, later to rise renewed from the ashes.

Well, Bids That Give went through some trials by virtual fire during its first year, and might have fallen to a similar fate. But though the mission remained the same during the trial period, the system and the business plan needed to be both reviewed and renewed, in order to accomplish the mission.

This happened through the work and dedication of the Founder and key leaders who corrected errors, revised and updated systems, and then went on to RENEW and make a new start. So while the downtime was required in order to accomplish the renewal, the newly formed structure will provide for a much more lucrative future for affiliates and for extending the mission to the underprivileged kids in many countries.

Therefore, we might say that the “Bids That Give” moniker gave way to the turnaround concept of BTG180, so that the business model could rise to a greater potential for all of the affiliates. Thereby, the potential to help the children’s charities has increased exponentially.

Through The Crystal Ball, What Do We See For BTG?

Future of BTG1801. Major refinements have been made to the point system relative to the Business In A Box, and these alterations, with a new Bonus, will make for a more stable increase in income over time.

2. An outstanding Marketing System will be available for BTG180 Affiliates for a very nominal monthly fee.

3. Leads will be made available from a list of revenue-share participants in another program, who will already have some understanding of this business model.

4. Overall improvements and multiple forms of income.

5. A significant mission involving the support of children charities around the world.

6. An expanded global potential, with over 100 countries already eligible for participation.

Summary Review: This Business Opportunity For The Future!

BTG180 reviewAs Founding Bid Ambassadors of the original “Bids That Give” program, we were excited about the potential of this revenue share program. It was especially important to consider that there would be support for kids every time that bids were purchased for the online auction.  The business model looked good, but then it seemed that the progress was not really working as fast as we had expected.

Obviously, the leadership detected the problems, and initiated very strong measures to facilitate a turnaround, a re-branding and an enhanced plan intended to provide stability for a solid business.

We believe that the restructuring offers great promise for the future. Strong leaders have joined the program. The BTG180 business can be participated in on a very part-time basis or it can be developed as a major activity.

Individuals can work with their own goals and dreams to determine their level of activity and their personal time schedule. Therefore, we recommend BTG180 as an exciting business opportunity and invite you to join with us for your future success.